In simple words, it is a safe procedure that gives you young and glowing skin.

It is a controlled micro trauma by penetrating injury, to the superficial layer of the skin and initiate healing process. The healing process results in production of various growth factors and rejuvenates your skin and enhances skin tone and texture.

It penetrates through your scar and breaks down the scar resulting in new vessel formation and new collagen production and hence the result is significant improvement in the scar.


Collagen is responsible for cell turn over and forms 1/3rd of our body protein and makes up to 75 % of the skin weight. When applied topically it will not be absorbed by the deeper layers of the skin and hence may not have any effect on the skin.

Collagen production decreases after 30 years of age. Significant decrease in menopausal age, smokers, sun damaged skin, poor diet.

The whole process takes up to 3 weeks, need to give 3 weeks between procedures.


  • Reduces the fine lines and wrinkles
  • Scar reduction – breaks the scar my minor trauma to the skin
  • Removes the sun damage spot – hyper pigmentation over the face
  • It significantly reduces the size of enlarged pores
  • It improves the rosacea, acne, dull skin
  • It improves the effective of topical products but when combined with PRP gives the best result to the clients
  • Improves acne & surgical scar
  • Minimal side effects compared to the chemical peels
  • Hair rejuvenation

Acne treatment: 4 to 6 treatments (2 to 4 weeks apart)
Pigmentation: 3 to 6 sessions (2 to 4 weeks apart)
Fine lines and wrinkles: 4 sessions (2 to 4 weeks apart)
Stretch Marks: 4 to 6 sessions (2 to 4 weeks apart)
Hair Rejuvenation: 4 to 6 sessions (2 to 4 weeks apart)

The desired effects and the number of treatments required varies with individual, ongoing skin care treatment and sedentary lifestyles.

Dr Narayan is a trained Cosmetic doctor, with special interest in the Skin and Hair rejuvenation. He uses the latest technology and high-quality products; client centred and provide individualised treatment with high standard of care.

We will book an appointment with Dr Narayan for a consultation to discuss about your concerns, medical health condition and assess the suitability for the treatment to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome.

We will book you for follow up consultation to assess the response to treatment if need


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