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Our state-of-the-art equipment and personalized approach redefine beauty across Greater Brisbane.

Dr. Sundhar Narayan:

Cosmetic physician, specializes in skin rejuvenation, skin cancer treatment.

With a distinguished career spanning more than 20 years, Dr. Sundhar Narayan is a seasoned Cosmetic Physician specializing in Skin Rejuvenation and Skin Cancer Treatment. His journey through diverse medical fields, including emergency medicine, intensive care, general practice, and cosmetic medicine, reflects his comprehensive approach to patient care.

As a true expert in his field, Dr. Narayan seamlessly blends his extensive medical experience with aesthetic finesse to provide a holistic and tailored approach to each patient’s┬áneeds.

“Elite Cutis prioritizes your unique facial needs through personalized care and comprehensive consultations.”

Our qualified professionals utilize top-quality products and expertise in advanced PRP and micro-needling techniques to enhance your skin.


At Elite Cutis, our mission is to creatively reimagine cosmetic solutions, instilling self-assurance and revitalization in our clients’ lives. Through innovative approaches, we aim to provide personalized, high-quality cosmetic services that exceed conventional standards. Our commitment to ingenuity and excellence drives us to empower individuals on their journey to renewed self-confidence.


Our vision at Elite Cutis is to foster a warm and inclusive atmosphere where self-confidence thrives. We aspire to be a symbol of trust and a provider of top-tier cosmetic treatments, setting elevated benchmarks for the industry. By prioritizing our clients’ well-being and self-esteem, we aim to create an environment where each person’s unique beauty is celebrated, ultimately contributing to a more confident and empowered community.



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